AJ Orbit is your world!



AJ Orbit’s energetic , electrifying, uplifting, and in-your-face music will put your body into a frenzy. Whether you’re fighting off gigantic creatures or in a middle of a love scene, AJ Orbit creates electronic dance music of all forms. His sounds can easily be adapted to a variety of dance floors & beings. His inspirations come from 8-bit art , video games , astrology and life. On special occasions he releases music for free. Free music to free your body.


Live Shows

Every live performance takes you on a musical journey. His goal is to make the whole Universe dance & he will keep pushing the boundaries for all eternity. He was chosen from the world’s top engineers and scientists to acquire the most advanced portable sound machine. Excited for his next show, you can always expect an original performance. Jumping music, a slick deejay, fog machines, & lazer rays. Get enchanted by the sounds of AJ Orbit.


Ultimate Fun

From a far distant planet , he roams the land to discover extraordinary experiences leaving no stone unturned. Using the power of cyberspace, AJ Orbit keeps you updated on his ultimate voyage. With pictures, videos, words, or sounds capturing the epic, he vows to keep you inspired. Together, we’ll encounter the unknown , amazing, and the inspiring designs of Earth. Everyone is invited. Let’s blast off & join AJ Orbit’s adventures and rule the planet !